Monday, March 24, 2008

Thursday, February 28, 2008



Aggression and Anguish 

This chapter shows the aggression of the main character on the situation back then on racial conflict. The racial conflict was that many African Americans are not offered as many jobs as caucasians. As Bigger begins to realize the situation he has a clearer view on why and how he was put in a poor habitat. Bigger is obligated to take the low paying  job because he has a lack of open founds between him and his mom. Another reason he works the low paying job is because he has siblings to support and hobbies such as drinking and smoking. 
It's hard to keep these duties if the world he was brought up to chooses not to give him a decent job. He begins to notice the situation, gets frustrated, and makes fun of the conflict to cover up the fact that is upsets him. Through these emotions that he shows through the story he has given up on the fact that he cant really move up on life. Trough this society paves his future from theft to murder in minutes. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


For NHD this year our topic is “the war on drugs”. We choose this topic because we found it interesting and also found it original. Also, we have both seen the effects that it has on the people involved and the people who have suffered the repercussions of being involved in this war. For example, the boys who sell drugs (who are better known as hustlas), the people who buy it, the fiends who need it and also the dumb people who get caught with it and end up spending months to years of their life in jail. Months and years that they will never get back. Other people who are involved are the people who are against drugs, and want them off the streets. These people include the cops, probation officers, judges, the government, rehab facilities, narcs, and of course concerned parents.
This war as many people already know is going on around the world and is not just affecting the people that I just named; it is also affecting people just like you and me. Examples of this are loosing friends and family members either to death, the streets or addiction, and the penal system. As a result to this war we are experiencing many effects. Such as racism, racial profiling form cops and also neighbor hood people, more people taking up spaces in jail because it is illegal, people not being able to get a decent job, because they were sent to prison which then results in poverty among the community.
The conflict of this topic is racism due to drugs, poverty, the crime and murder rate, and also the temptation/peer pressure of illegal drugs. The compromise of this topic is actually hard to explain since there isn’t really a specific compromise because this war is still going on today. And in our opinion locking up 3 generations of people including our neighbors and friends isn’t a compromise at all. Especially when we still have rapists, murderers, petifiles, and robbers on the streets.

Monday, December 3, 2007


My computer teacher wanted me to write this essay about school and religon, but religon doesnt really effect me . i dont believe in anything but i have many firiends that are Catholic and Jewish. If students want to wear a cross around thier neck in school i think thats cool , your just showing what you believe in . Wearing a necklace or ring reppin your religon is just like saying " hi im Catholic ". I dont think any type of religon should be taught in public schools , because it might offend other students and teachers . If you want to learn about relion go to a Catholic or Jewish school.